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    Brilliant outdoor idea.

    This is awesome!

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    Enjoy the foods you love with less gas.

    Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto, Canada Via

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    Slowly, humans are developing the ability to act like ourselves in the deep water.

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    Stride in style.

    Paris Street Style Fashion
    Photos by Tom Selmon.

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    Beat Cancer 
    AGENCY:Team/Y&R Dubai 


  9. Is Method Acting Destroying Actors?


    Richard Brody on why modern acting asks too much of performers: http://nyr.kr/1gT34GP

    “An actor’s attempted excavation of her own deepest and harshest experiences to lend them to characters adds a dimension of self-revelation (even if only to oneself), of wounds reopened and memories relived, that would make for agony in therapy.”

    (Source: newyorker.com)