1. Tourette’s syndrome is just… wow. The human brain is so fucking complex.


  2. "Having been a creative director at an agency that was hiring, I remember wanting to recruit only the most techno-geeked out, mobile-ready, code-slinging Web brats I could find. On the other hand, I wanted writers or art directors who knew how to take a blank sheet of paper and make something interesting and beautiful happen. The place where these two skills overlapped was the sweet spot. The ones who can do both of these things? They’re the creatives of the future."
    — Luke Sullivan,
    Hey Whipple, Squeeze This!

  3. "What impresses me most is the ability to make things. More and more these days, young people are coming into the business able to shoot their own comemrcials, creat websites, program games, take photos, make animations, build Facebook apps, and generally act as one-person ad agencies. This makes CDs salivate because getting ideas off of the page is at least as hard as getting them on paper in the first place… If you can make things and make them well, you will never be unemployed."
    — Valdean Klump, Google
  4. adteachings:

    A great student campaign that could run tomorrow.

    Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
    Art Director: Jesse Brown
    Copywriter: Derek Taylor
    Published: May 2014

    Source: Ads of the World


  5. Simulacra

    When Luis Vuitton collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to make a series of high-end bags, they became one of LV’s most successful ventures ever. So successful in fact, that one of LV’s biggest problems is copycats who would sell fake Murakami LV bags at discount prices.

    In 2008, the Brooklyn Museum held a Takashi Murakami exhibit called “© MURAKAMI”. As part of the exhibit, they hired people who were selling fake Murakami LV bags on the streets of Manhattan to sell REAL Murakami bags outside the museum. These street vendors were basically being paid to sell authentic $800 bags on the street—in classic cheap knockoff stand fashion—where they would otherwise be selling fake Murakami bags. Fucking meta!

  6. This timelapse of Pyongyang is so well done, holy shit


  8. Heliox

    On the surface, we breathe a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. However, when deep sea divers go under, they breathe heliox, which replaces nitrogen with helium. This is because nitrogen has the same psychosomatic effects as alcohol intoxication when deep underwater. Heliox replaces nitrogen with helium, but also makes the divers sound like chipmunks.

  9. karenhurley:

    Levis: We are all workers by Sagmeister & Walsh. Billboard installed in SoHo NYC. 

  10. karenhurley:

    Grill me